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Mr. D. M. Harish

(21 November 1921 - 6 February 1998)

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D. M. Harish Foundation

Late Mr. D.M.Harish was a distinguished advocate and a renowned authority on Income-tax Law in India. Mr. D. M. Harish had an outstanding academic career. He completed his early education in Sindh and obtained the first rank in his Matriculation Examination in the Sindh Province. He then joined D. J. Sindh College, Karachi, Sindh where he completed his B.Sc. and B.A. and was later appointed as a fellow of the college in recognition of his exceptional academic career. After the partition of India, he came to Mumbai and joined the Government Law College where he completed his LL.B. examination with a first class. He has made an immeasurable contribution to the field of law through the publication of his magnum opus, an eight volume treatise on Income-tax Law, "D. M. Harish on Income-Tax".

Mr. D. M. Harish believed his personal success could be directly attributed to education and hard work. In his lifetime, he set up D. M. Harish Foundation as an educational trust to spread his vision. D. M. Harish Foundation has sponsored hundreds of underprivileged students at the School and University level in India and abroad, since its inception in 1991. The Foundation has particularly concerned itself with improving the quality of legal education. The D. M. Harish Memorial Lecture series was also instituted along with the Chamber of Tax Consultants (of which Mr. D. M. Harish had been President). This is an annual lecture on contemporary legal issues.

D. M. Harish Foundation is funded and managed by D. M. Harish & Co. The present trustees are Mr. Anil Harish, Mrs. Honey Harish, Mrs. Shobha Jagtiani, Mr. Haresh Jagtiani, Mr. Sharan Jagtiani, Mr. Adhiraj Harish and Ms. Rishika Harish.

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Foundation Logo

The Lotus represents knowledge, wealth, divinity and enlightenment, and is a symbol of triumph.
The Sun represents unity, warmth and the spread of knowledge, and is a symbol of life and vitality.
The Foundation Logo is a harmonius amalgamation of the Lotus and the Sun, which through its ancient symbolism and modern interpretations, stands true to its ideals.

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The D. M. Harish Memorial Government Law College International Moot Court Competition

The D.M. Harish Foundation sponsors the D.M. Harish Memorial Government Law College International Moot Court Competition in collaboration with the Moot Court Association of Government Law College – Mr. D.M. Harish’s alma mater.

This Competition was the first International Moot Court Competition in India and has emerged as the most prestigious mooting competition of its kind in India and has played an important role in the promotion of mooting in the country by providing a platform for law students to hone their advocacy skills.
With teams from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore, Mauritius, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and many other countries participating, the Moot Court Competition represents a truly global experience.
The success and growth of a Moot Court Competition depends mostly upon the quality of the Judges of the Competition. Over the years, a bench of a five judges from the Hon'ble Bombay High Court have judged in Final Round and this has added immeasurably to the quality of the competition. Distinguished advocates, academicians and experts judge the rounds upto the semi-finals.
The Moot Court Competition provides a platform for law students from across the globe to delve into the intricacies of International Law and avail of an excellent opportunity to hone their skills. With each passing edition of the competition the organizers strive to scale greater heights and pay homage to the high standards of excellence set by Late Mr. D.M.Harish.

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